• September 23, 2021


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 Why do we use WordPress? Six important reasons

While the world are being comfortable in sharing contents from one resource to an other, WordPress is one of the Open Source Development for website project both offline and online. WordPress is a content management system use for personal blogs or business. WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites.

There are six reasons for everyone to use WordPress:

1. Drag and Drop

WordPress is a user-friendly open source which is allowed the use can manage the website with WordPress Dashboard. You can manage medias, contents, and others by drag and drop. You do not need any IT skills to work with it.

WordPress Dashboard
    Dashboard of WordPress
    Media Libary

      2. Quick Installation

      As the mater of fact, the installation of the WordPress is very easy and quick. You do not need any skill to cover this work. Just follow the steps and then you will get your own website in 2 minutes.

        First installation (Offline)

        3. Decoration and Themes are Free

        The most powerful of WordPress is that most of the themes and other customization are free. You do not need to buy or spend any money to buy themes as you can search in your WordPress Dashboard. Just go to your WordPress Dashboard then click on Appearance after that click on Themes. Next to the Themes, click Add New.

          Themes Library

          4. More Powerful to go with Free Plugin

          Plugin is an add on to use in your WordPress site. As you know that if you want to get more attractive and need other function to improve the sites. Plugin is waiting you to look for. For example you want to have a good login panel in your WordPress Login. Just go to your Dashboard then click on Plugin to search for the function you need.

            Plugin Panel

            5. Team Creation

            Fortunately, WordPress allows everyone to create a user management which it does not need any IT Skills. You can assign your team base on what you need for them to work. For example, Administrator, Authors, Subscriber, etc. After your assignation, they will be able work on the same project but various role as you wishes. By going to your dashboard, then Click On Users after than click on Add New User

            user panel
              Add New User in WordPress

              6. More On Customization

              Being a web developer, sometimes you do need to customize your themes base on the customer favorite, so if you have some web development skills, you are able to configure or change the source code as you wishes. By going to Appearance again then click on Themes Editor. Select the file that you want to change then click Update File.

              them editor panel
                Theme Editor
                update file
                  Theme Editor

                  Finally, you can if you do not want to spend much time and money, WordPress is a good option for you to optimize your expenditures. You can download through this link: https://wordpress.org/download

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