• September 25, 2021


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Part-I Introduction to general aspect of create Database.

This is the part-one which we are going to show how to learn VBA as a sample project which step by step by creating the Student Management System in Microsoft Access using Visual Basic Application Programming (VBA programming). As the previous post, we have shown you how to create the Database in Microsoft Access. Please our tutorial, How to create database in Microsoft Access and Create SQL Statement in Microsoft Access

Those two previous post will show you how to work with Microsoft Access for your first tutorials. Therefore, we will skip this step and show you how to work with data analysis for Student Management System. To work with this tutorial, you need to understand what is a Data and why do we need it?

Data is the raw fact of the information which we are collecting from various soft which is related to your purposes. Data is much more important for decision making for business, school, etc.

After various analyzing from your Data, you will be able to create a database for your own purpose. Database is the collection of information which can be used to store data. Please check this link What is a database?

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