• October 20, 2021


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 Start Your Online Meeting With Google Meet

What is a Google Meet and How does it work?

Google Meet is an online video-communication service which is developed by Google and it is one of the part from Google Hangouts. It is formally only available to the big companies, however everyone can now use Google Meet for free. Everyone can find the way of using Google Meet on the world wide web, and smart phones and tablets for Android or even IOS. The purpose of the Google Meet is designed as a way to host video meetings.

    How long does the Google Meet can be used?

    Originally, Google Meet can use for 60 minutes free; however, it can be used almost 24 hours for users who are using Google Account which is called Gmail Account. The maximum participant of Google Meet can be around 100 participants.

    How to use Google Meet For Free?

    As the Google Meet is one of the free online video conference from Google Company, it is one of the free services which you are allowing to use for free. In order to use Google Meet for free, you need to create a Gmail Account first, By going typing mail.google.com then sign up. It is a free registration. After that in the website address bar on your browser, please type https://meet.google.com in order to go to Google Meeting. On the Top bar of the website, you will find the Sign in tab or you can start the meeting automatically if you have the link.

      By start in the Sign in Tab, the Google will ask you sing in with Gmail Account, then type your email address and password to sign in

        After you have signed in to your Gmail Account, you will see the web as below:

          You can start your meeting now for free by Click on New meeting (The next tutorial, we will try to show how to use Google Meet for the online meeting)

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