• September 25, 2021


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Introduction to controls – Access

This tutorial describes the different kinds of controls available in Microsoft Access. Controls are the parts of a form or report that you use to enter, edit, or display data. Actually, we will try to to look deeper on the controls which are going to use with our project. The controls description are below:

    Controls in the form
    1. Textbox: Use text box controls for displaying text, numbers, dates, times, and memo fields. Textbox is very powerful control as it can work with data as well as with OOP in the form method
    2. Label: Use label controls that contain fixed text and it can be attached some control automatically. You can use this command to create stand-alone labels for headings and for instructions on your form.
    3. Command button: Use command button controls to activate a macro or a Visual Basic procedure
    4. Combo Box: Use a combo box control to contain a list of potential values for the control and an editable text box.
    5. List box: Use a list box control to contains a list of potential values for the control.
    6. Rectangle: Use a rectangle control to add filled or empty rectangles to a form to enhance its appearance
    7. Check Box: Use a check box control to hold an on/off, a true/false, or a yes/no value.
    8. Image: Use the image control to place a static picture on your form.
    9. Header/Footer: The place where you can add footer and header into your form. The header and footer may contain Logo, Title, Date and Time or evening image.

    Each of the control the above with be used in our designation in our project. Remember, this control can be worked with OOP programming language and Database using VBA. We also gave some definition of the property sheet in the previous post, you would like to know, please visit PART IV. Microsoft Access Form Object Reviews

    The next tutorial will be shown how to work with Form Design using Modal Dialog, we will provide you more with Videos

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