• September 23, 2021


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As the reviewing from the previous post about SQL statements, this tutorial will show you how to create Database and Performing SQL Statements in Microsoft Access to create the eight tables in our project.

First you to Window Start + R to run an Open Dialogue Box then type msaccess then click Ok or hit Enter on the key board.

    Open Microsoft Access by Run Dialogue

    Then in Blank Database, please select and Create Database Name is STU-DBMS. After that you can save and brows for the favorite location in your computer. Click on Ok –> After that Click on Create.

      Create Database in Microsoft Access

      The Last Result will be:

        The interface after creating the new Database

        To Create the SQL Statement, you need to follow as the steps:

        First go to Create Menu in the Ribbon then select Query Design. Please cross it and you will the icon of SQL. After that select SQL View.

          Create Menu and Select Query Design

          After SQL View selection

            Query Design by Crossing

            After Crossing and Select SQL View

              SQL View

              To run the SQL Statement after your coding, please select Run

                To run SQL Command

                The next tutorial, we will show you how to create Table Student Info by using SQL Create Statement.

                Watch our tutorial:

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