• September 25, 2021


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Parent information is one of the other table which will be stored the guidance or parents for the students. The parent information will help the system to understand who is the student’s parents? Their jobs or locations? even it would make the school much more easier to contact student’s while they are not presenting the class or other incident report.

To create Parent Information, please open your Microsoft Access then write the following SQL Create Command:

Create Table parent_info ( parent_id int not null primary key, parent_name varchar, khmerid varchar, spouse_name varchar, children int, current_address varchar, contact varchar, job varchar)

After Run the result will be:

    The result after running the SQL Create Statement

    You can also watch our video:

    SQL Statement to Create Table Parent Information

    The next tutorial will create the other two tables as the table field seems not be long.

    ** You can try to insert record if you wish too!

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