• September 22, 2021


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Create Table Student Info by using SQL Create Statement.

Go to Microsoft Access, then select SQL View. After that, please write the following command to create Table Students Information:

Create Table Student Information

Create Table student_info ( studentid  int not null primary key, student_name varchar, gender varchar, DOB Date, POB varchar, current_address varchar, Academic varchar, contact int, photo binary, skill varchar, scholarship varchar)

*** Please note that in the field photo, you can set it to binary or OLE Object which is referring to media.

After Run the code, you will see the result:

    The result after running the SQL Create Statement

    ***Now try to insert values into the student_info using SQL Insert Statement by your own way. We will show you after we have completed all the create statement for all tables in this project.

    You can also watch our tutorial video:

    Create Statement in SQL

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