• September 22, 2021


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Each of the students should be enrolment on daily basic from semester to semester. Therefore, the system should be able to track their record; however each student must pay the course fees. That is why the school can be able to set the schedule for students to start their semester.

Create Enrolment Information

The following code will demonstrated how to create Enrolment information using SQL Create Statement. There are some fields which will be included such as Enrolment ID, Subject ID, Subject Name, Enroll Date, Credits, Scholarship . You can either copy or write again as you wish:

Create Table enrolment_info(enrolid int, subjectid int, subject_name varchar, enrol_date Date, credits varchar, scholarship YESNO)

The result from Run in Microsoft Access

    Result from Run in SQL for Enrolment Information

    Create Payment Information

    The table should be included some fields such as Invoice ID, Invoice Name, Student ID, Subject ID, Issue Date, Expired Date. The following code you can either copy or write again as your wishes.

    Create Table payment_info(invoiceid int , invoice_name varchar, studentid int, subjectid int, issue_date Date, expired_date Date)

    The result from Run in Microsoft Access

      Result from Run in SQL for Payment Information

      As the part I to III have finished, we can conclude there are eight tables in the system which will be used for storage and other relational database.

        eight tables from written SQL Create Statement

        The next tutorial will bring you to how to create Form in Microsoft Access. We won’t use demonstrate query lessons. If you wish to learning it. Please contact us through info@phsarit.org or hoemtola.phsarit@gmail.com

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