• September 23, 2021


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Score information is one of they key factor in looking for analyzing the student performance. This will also determine the process of the school effectiveness toward student’s parents. A good score students can be the role model to other students in the school.

Create Score Information Using SQL

The following fields will be included in the table such as Student ID, Subject ID, Attendance, Homework, Assignment, Quiz, Midterm, Project, Final, Semester/Academic Year. The following code is below:

Create Table score_info(studentid int, subjectid int, attenance double, homework double, assignment double, quiz double, midterm double, project double, final double, academic date)

You can either copy or write again; however, please see the result as below:

    The result after Run of the Table Score Information

    Create Attendance Information

    As the school is needed the most presented students in the class, the school must need the operational process of calling attendance to students. This table will be worked as the storage of daily or monthly attendance of the students. The following fields should be included in the table such as Student ID, Student Name, Subject ID, Subject Name, Class-Day, Class-Timein, Class-Timeout, Permission, Reason. This is the code as below:

    Create Table attendance_info(studentid int, student_name varchar, subjectid int, subject_name varchar, class_day varchar, classin Time, classout Time, permission YESNO, reason varchar)

    You can either copy or write again this code. Let’s see the result

      Result of Attendance Information Table

      The last part-III will the other two tables, so please keep in touch with us!

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