• September 23, 2021


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Create Table Subject Information

In this tutorial, I am please to show how to create Subject and Teacher Information by using SQL Statement. Subject information is very important for the system to be stored all the courses or subject that the students have been enrolled or they have even already completed. As following the previous tutorials, please go to Microsoft Access then Create Query Design after that select SQL View.

The following coding is the SQL Create Statement to create Subject Information: The following are the fields (Subject ID, Subject Name, Credits, Majority/Skills)

Create Table subject_info (subjectid int not null primary key, subject_name varchar, credits varchar, skill varchar)

Copy this code or re-write this code then click on Run, you should see the result as below:

    The result of the SQL Statement after Run

    Let’s continue to create Teacher Information as below

    Create Table Teacher Information

    Teacher information will be worked as the main part of the system to make sure that all the enrolment courses will clearly assign to each teachers. The following fields are included in this table (Teacher ID, Teacher Name, Gender, Experts/Skills, Faculty ID, Experiences, Contact, Current Address)

    Create Table teacher_info( teacherid int not null primary key, teacher_name varchar, gender varchar (10), p_skills varchar, facultyid int, experiences varchar, contact varchar, current_address varchar)

    You can either copy or write again in your Microsoft Access. Let’s see the result after Run.

      Result of the teacher information table

      After these two tables, there are the next four tables will be shown in the next tutorials. Please keep in touch.

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