• September 23, 2021


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Part II Data Analyzing for Student Management System

As the previous section, Part-I Introduction to general aspect of create Database. We have talk generally about how the Database can be working and some definitions of the Data and Database. This part II section we will start looking on how the Student Management System can be stored the data and what kind of information should be used. As the real work, the System should consists of Students, parents, scoring, attendances and other data, etc. Let’s take a look to students information:

 (Student ID, Student Name
, Date of Birth,Gender
,Place of_Birth


Those information should be consists in the System.

Let’s take a look to parent information:

Parents information
     - Parent ID
     - Parent Name
     - Khmer ID ( OLE Object/ Number)
     - Spouse Name
     - Children
     - Current Address
     - Contact/Tel:
     - Job/Function:

And please take a look to:

Subject information
     - Subject ID
     - Subject Name
     - Credits
     - Majority/Skills

We are continues to the next tutorial for more table analyses with this links Part II Data Analyzing for Student Management System (cont..)

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