• September 23, 2021


Bring Technology Ideas with you

The analysis of the data should be stored in the Student Management System. The previous post (“Part-I Introduction to general aspect of create Database“) and part II itself(“Part II-Step by Step to Create Student Management System using VBA programming“) has created three tables already, please take a look to the other tables:

Score Information

Score information
     - Student ID
     - Subject ID
     - Attendance
     - Homework
     - Assignment
     - Quiz
     - Midterm
     - Final
     - Project
     - Academic Year

Enrolment Information

Enrol information
     - Enrol ID
     - Subject ID
     - Subject Name
     - Credits
     - Enrol Date
     - Scholarship (YES or No), 
     - Scholarship Percentage(%)

Teacher Information

Teacher information
     - Teacher ID
     - Teacher Name
     - Gender
     - Experts/Skills
     - Faculty ID
     - Experiences
     - Contact
     - Current Address

Attendance Information

Students Attedance Information ( Daily) Weekly or monthly (Query Total Attendance)
     - Student ID
     - Student Name
     - Subject ID
     - Subject Name
     - Class-Day ( Monday, Tues....) 
     - Class-Timein
     - Class-Timeout
     - Permission ( YES or NO)
     - Reason

Payment Information

Payment information
     - Invoice ID
     - Invoice Name
     - Student ID
     - Subject ID
     - Issue Date
     - Expired Date

In conclusion, this analyze does not mean all information is needed and it depend on your business concepts or model. There are eight tables which will be used in our system which is not included table of user who will be the system users.

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