• September 22, 2021


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 Microsoft Window Ping Command

Internet connection is very important for your working specially for the remote working using internet. Some of the internet providers are giving the limitation of the internet services which can be affected to your working process. As the pandemic of Covid 19, some of the companies allow their staff to work from home and most of the using Online Meeting Platform such as Zoom, Microsoft Team, and other software to call or have a meeting with their co-worker. Some of the schools or academic place, they have been using those Online Platform to use in their daily communication or learning with their students or teachers.

What is a Ping Command? Why we do we use it?

The ping command is using to test the internet connection or even from one computer to other computers in the same network or even different networks to make sure that those computers are knowing each others. By using Ping command, you will know that your computer are able to reach other computers specially for the internet connection. Ping command uses the TCP/IP to reach from one another by echoing their message

Use Ping Command

By press Window Start + R to run Run Dialog box then type (let’s say we ping to Google Search Engine), ping www.google.com -t. Minus (-) t means that you won’t stop the ping command

    Ping command in Run Dialog

    Press Enter Key or Click on Ok then you will see:

      Internet connection is stable

      If it is not reachable, you will see the terminal like this

        Failure to access the internet

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