• September 23, 2021


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 How to write SQL Statement in Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is one of the Relational database programs. SQL is standing for Structure Query Language which is a database programming language use to command data. Let’s say we have the table below:

    Picture 1.1 Tbl_Customer

    We want to create this table by using SQL command call Create which the syntax as:

    Create Table Table Name (field1 datatype ,field2,...n)

    There in order to write this SQL Statement, I need to go to Microsoft Access then click on Create–> Queries–> Click on Query Design

      Query Wizard panel

      On Show Table, click Close –> Then SQL View

        SQL View

        Then you will see the panel as below:

          Then to create table using SQL Statement, please write the code as below:

          Create Table Tbl_CustomerSample(Cust_ID int, Cus_Name varchar,Gender varchar, Address varchar, Age date, Email varchar,Status varchar)

          Then click on the Run

            After running, the result is

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