• September 22, 2021


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 How to Set Virtual Background in Zoom’s Desktop Application

What is Zoom Application?

Zoom is the Video Conference application which is being very popular in the Covid 19 pandemic. The company provide many option features for users to use such as website, desktop application and mobile application which allows users with flexible to be a host or joiner in the video conference.

    Zoom Feature

    To download zoom, please visit the link https://zoom.us/. You can either register by your own account or using your Gmail Account or Facebook Account. For free users, you can use the service under 45 minutes only.

    How to set Visual Background in Zoom?

    Background is the very important for some occasionally event while you are online. It can be helping to show off the background of your place or it can hide your real place while you are online. There are two methods which can be applied with this technical.

    1. First Method

    Going to your zoom application in your desktop computer then double click to open it or right click then select Open. On your Profile on the right of the Zoom Application, please select Setting

      On Setting, please take a look for Background and Filters

          On the Virtual Background then you can select what is your background favorite or even your own one, by click on the Plus sign (+) then brows in your local machine and That is it!

          2. Second Method

          The second method is that you can change during your hosting video. While on the Video, on the shared tab, please select as image below:

            Then it will bring back to process First Method. Please follow the step in First Method.

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