• September 22, 2021


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 How to open Microsoft Excel with Run Dialogue box

How to open Run Dialog Box

Most of the people are being stuck while their computers were reset with New Window especially for the Window 10 Operating System. Some of compute reparing shops, they may put the Office Applications on the Desktop or pin it on the taskbar of your window; however, for new repairer, they may forget about it. Therefore, this tutorial is willing to help you to open Microsoft Excel for your working even if you can’t find it on the computer desktop or on the task bar. First, using Window Start button + R (this command is perform the open dialog box)

    Press Window Start + R

    How to open Microsoft Excel with Run?

    After you have open the Run Dialog have already, you can type “excel” in the box then press Ok or press Enter Keyboard on your computer. Eventually, you will see the result of Microsoft Excel will pop up on your screen. Please make sure that in your computer Microsoft Office must be installed.

      Type excel in the box, then press Ok

      Let’s see the result after we have implemented with the above tutorial:

        Result from our tutorials

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