• September 23, 2021


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 How to improve your speaking audio in Zoom while distracted

Have you ever working outside and in noisy sound? Zoom application is one of the most favorable online meeting during this Covid-19 pandemic. There are many reasons that Zoom is application is important for your meeting.

  1. Zoom is much more application and easy to sign up for free user. You do not need time to setup if you have Facebook or Gmail account. You can sign in immediately then start using it.
  2. Zoom have many features for both Computer Version, Tablets and also smart phone. You can also use Zoom through their website https://zoom.us/ as well.
  3. The other feature which is covered in this post is Zoom is be able to reduce noise distraction while you are speaking to your team while you are in the meeting (you are a host computer)

Working remotely it may affects many distracting noises such as dog barking, vehicle sounds, children playing, etc. specially when you are living next to the market place. To help you to improve your meeting in effective way, please follow our tutorials by going to your zoom application or you can download https://zoom.us/download. You need to sign up first before you can start using zoom.

The interface of using Zoom

    Zoom interface in Application on Computer Desktop

    After that on Your Zoom profile, click on it then select Setting

      Setting in the Zoom

      On the Setting Panel, you will see a lot of features which are providing by Zoom. We will get back to this Setting Tutorials; however this post will mainly focus on how you can reduce the distracting noise while you are hosting; therefore, please select Audio

        Audio panel with many features

        There are some features in this panel such as Speaker and Microphone are the places where you can test your audio sound both listening and speaking. To reduce Noise in the background while you are speaking, please go to Suppress Background Noise then select High(typing, dog barks) by selecting this option, the noise in the background will be reduced and you are able to speak clearly to your team while you are in the meeting.

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