• September 23, 2021


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 How to get free eBooks, movies, musics for free using Google Trick

    Everyone want to get something free on the internet; however, some of the website will require you to pay for those materials. Nothing free on the internet, remember! So in order to get free stuff for your own use without other commercial benefits, please try with our trick. All of the websites over the internet use the key word as “index” to make sure the search engine can be optimized their sites. For example, index.html, index.asp, etc. Most of the websites, pages, files, etc. must be uploaded into the website directory of the hosting. Therefore, if you want to get free stuff, go to your web browser ( firefox or chrome as popular web browser) then go to Google home page

      Type “Index of/……..” as you wish to. For example, you want to get free movies or videos, please type “index of/videos.mp4”

        Then click on the links of those websites then you will see

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