How to create database in Microsoft Access

Have you ever tried to work with standard alone Database like Microsoft Access? Microsoft Access is a Microsoft database management system (DBMS) that incorporates the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and tools for software creation. It is a part of the Microsoft Office application suite, included or sold separately in the Professional and higher versions. It is a part of the Microsoft 365 suite as well. There are more precautions in recent models.

Solutions with 1 GB or less of data (Access supports up to 2 GB) are widely agreed limits and work very well with 100 or less simultaneous connections (255 concurrent users are supported). This skill is also a good match for solutions for departments.

    To create Database in Microsoft Access in window 8 or 10, please go to Start Button–> All Apps—>Microsoft Offices—> Microsoft Access Or

    Press ( Window + R) to open Run then type “msaccess” in the box then Click Ok (it works all office versions)

      You will see the blank document as the image the above, then Click on the Blank Desktop Database, you will see the pop up message to ask you to put the name. In the file name, please put your favorite name then brows where you want to store your database. Then click on Create

        Now you get your own database, so you can work with Table, Query, Form, Report and even your VBA, etc. in this Database