• September 25, 2021


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 How to create a project using C++ programming in Visual Studio

There are a lot of program which can run C++ programming; however, Visual Studio is one of the most favorite compiler for C++ to be run. In order for writing C++ programming in Visual Studio, it needs to create project first.

Open Microsoft Visual Studio –> Go to File –> New Project

    Under Templates –> Choose Visual C++ –> Empty Project. You can​ rename your project as you wishes then Click Ok

      In the Solution Explorer –> Under the Source File, please right click then Choose Add –> New Item

        Then select C++ File then rename as your wishes. For example, main.cpp

          After click Add

            In the blank this above, you can start writing your first Programming in C++ as below an example below:

            using namespace std;
            int main()
            	cout << "I am loving C++ programming";

              The result will be shown as the above. See you again next tutorials.

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