• September 21, 2021


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 How to Change Khmer Font Name and Size in Telegram for Window

    Some of the new setup computer for Window sometimes, it has some problem with Khmer Unicode in Telegram. The font size can be very small which can’t be able to read the text.

    How to change Khmer Font Size and Name in Telegram?

    In order to change your Font size and name as Khmer Unicode in Telegram, please Press Window Start + R to Open Run Dialogue Box, then in the box, please type regedit then press Ok or Enter Key.

      regedit to change font khmer unicode in Telegram

      Through the regedit process, you will be able to go to Window Registry Editor, after that on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE please select on the drop-down as highlight image below:

        After that you will see SOFTWARE then select on that

          On the SOFTWARE, please select Microsoft after that please select Window NT

            In Window NT, please select Font Substitutes

              in Font Substitutes, please take a look to find the MS Shell Dlg2

                on MS Shell Dlg2, please Double Click or Right Click then select Modifying

                  In the Image the above on the Value Data, you can choose any Khmer Font to replace it. Best tips are going to your Microsoft Word then select Font name as you wishes

                    Select Font Name in Microsoft Word 2013

                    After you have chosen the font, and replace it into the Value Data, please Click OK or Press Enter

                      Finally, you need to quit your Telegram in the Taskbar and re-open it again, you will see the change of your Unicode Khmer Font in Telegram

                        The result of changing from the process the above

                          Before changing
                            After Changing

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