• September 22, 2021


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 Highlights of the Apple Website Exercise Equipment Used in Fitness+ Videos

Apple also has a section on its exercise for Fitness+ equipment with the introduction of Apple Fitness+, which includes links to purchase the exercise items used in Fitness+ videos.

Many of the exercises in Fitness+ are designed to work without any equipment, but some require special equipment. For instance, cycling workouts require a cycling bike, while treadmill workouts require a treadmill.

Manduka yoga blocks and mats, which Apple started selling last week, are the only fitness-specific things Apple currently sells through its shop. With the exception of a few stands sold by Apple, other equipment connects to outside shops where the devices can be purchased.

For dumbbells, Apple recommends the Rogue Rubber Hex Dumbbells, which are out of stock, like many dumbbells at the moment. In their households, several individuals have turned to strength training, which has contributed to a shortage of equipment available.

Together with the Life Fitness Row HX Trainer for rowing and the TechnoGym MyRun and SkillRun for treadmill workouts, Apple recommends Schwinn Indoor Riding Bikes for cycling workouts.

While this equipment is recommended by Apple on its website, the Apple Fitness+ workouts are built to be agnostic equipment and work with the treadmills, bikes, and other devices you already own.

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