• September 24, 2021


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 Did you forget your saving password on browser?

There are a lot of mistake which can be happened any time while you are using save password on your browser. Today, we are showing one trick which you can see your forgotten password on your browser.

Review HTML Simple Code

As you are not skilled or understanding the basic code of HTML, you still be able to get showed your password on your browser. However, if you want to know more you, in HTML elements, there is one control call Text which consists of it types which can be text or password.

    Text Fields in HTML Code

    The above picture is showing that there a field call password which can be selected in order to change its input types. As the matter of fact, those text fields must be come with the Form tag in HTML programming.

    Get Back to Our Trick

    Let’s say you are forgetting the password in Facebook saved in your browser, You are trying to login many times, however, it won’t work for you.

      Login in Facebook Website

      On the Text Field Password, you can see the sign which does not show your password and there is no option to show it. So what you have to do is right click on this text field then select inspect

        Inspect on the text field password

        The try to look to the selected text field in the HTML code on your browser as the sample highlight

          The result after click

          As the image the above, on the type=”password”, please change it into type=”text” and press enter on your keyboard

            After Changed

            After that, please cross everything from the inspect code in HTML and go back to your browser, you can see the password

              The resullt

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