• September 23, 2021


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 Adding A New Post in WordPress with Effective Content

What is a WordPress’s Post?

WordPress’s post is the place where the web master or web developer can deliver message to visitors. Providing your contents to visitors, some of the WordPress sites are using Post as the homepage of the sites in order to get latest update of the contents. Usually, WordPress’s Post consists of categories, tags, comments, etc. which are always come up for much more easier to get more traffic or SEO.

Where is WordPress’s Post in the WordPress’s dashboard?

After you have login into your Dashboard in the WordPress, you can see the left panel which contain a lot of menus to describe various functions of the WordPress Features. Under the Home menu and above Media, you will see the menu which is named Posts with Clip and Pin sign.

    WordPress’s Posts

    WordPress Post’s Features

    In Post’s Management in WordPress, there are some important features which can control all your posts.

      Posts Contents Table

      Topic of the tables in the Posts, there is a Search Posts which is using to to search any contents which you are already posted. All | Published | Draft all are the place where it counts the Posts which can be published or on editing. Below, top there is an action which you can remove, or edit the Posts that it can be filtered by Dates or Categories. In order to remove the Post or Edit the Post, you need to select it first from the list in the Post’s Table. You can also modify the post by selecting on the post you want to modify then below the Post’s name, you can choose the action

        Action below the Posts

        How to Add Post in WordPress?

        In order to add New Post in WordPress, you need to find the Post’s Menu the select Add New Post or in the top menu of your Dashboard, you can see the Minus Sign. Click on it then select Post

          Add New Post

          In the Post Dashboard, you will see the Post Area which Consists of Area’s Title and Content for Start writing

            Post’s Area

            On the right panel you can see the Post and Block which consists of some features such as Templates, Category Selection, Tags, Feature Photos, etc.

              Right Panel of the Post

              In order to work well with your post content, you need some tools or other plugins which can consists of other features to improve your contents. On the above Add Post title, you can see a bar which consists of Plugin, Plus sign, etc. on the plus sign, click on that you will see a lot of thing tools to improve the contents.

                Tools for improving WordPress contents

                After all you have explored some tools and features, on the right and top, you can see the Save Draft is using for helping you to save your work to do later while Preview are using to preview your post before publishing. When Publish is using to publish your post to be lived for visitor to visit and so on.

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