• September 25, 2021


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 2 simple and easy way to make your computer run faster in window version

If you want to optimize your window version, I think any version of Window Operating System. There are two easy ways that will help you to do without knowing any computer technology skills.

Knowing the storage of temp files from your computers

Computer Temp Files are the file which will be stored in your machine with Window Operating System while you are doing on your computer especially when you are browsing the internet. This file will be increased the storage of the your machine in local disk drive C: after that will disturbing to the your computer process. To clear this file,

  1. Type Window Start Button + R, to run the file dialog then type “%temp%”, after that click on Ok or press the Enter key on your Keyboard
    Type %temp% to find the local storage of Temp Files

    After that click on the Keyboard by Ctrl+ A to select all file and then with Button Shift + Delete ( it means that the file will be gone forever as it won’t go to Recycle Bin)

      Delete the Temp File by using Shift + Delete on pressing Keyboard

      Other Method:

      The same the process one, by pressing on Window Start + R to open Run Dialog then they C:\Window\Temp. After the using the Shift button + Delete to remove the file permanently from your machine.

        Go to directory in Window in local drive C:
          Local storage for Temp File in Window

          As you follow the above step, it will delete your files from your computer forever; however, those files won’t affect to any file in your computers. No worry!

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